Athlete Support Program

The History

Aerial Sports Academy was first born when our founder, Ryan Hatfield, was completing a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science, and working multiple jobs to save up to compete at the world championships.

"I thought, I am learning so much about what athletes need to become world champions and trampolinists are only getting a tiny fraction of it. How can I change this? How can I give myself, and other athletes everything that we need, and make sure these athletes can afford to go to the world championships?"

The program

The athlete support program is designed to support every need of the athlete. Our founder, Ryan, is still an athlete and uses this program, because he knows that it works.

Aerial Sports Academy's athlete support program offers:

  • Sponsorship and financial support
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Discounts on physiotherapy and other services
  • All around athletic development

One team, one goal

We know that you have your own goals, your own needs and your own circumstances. Our job is to make sure that you get the support you need, in order to achieve your athletic goals.

We work towards one goal. We help make your daily coach, your physiotherapist and all of your support staff into one team, working together to support you.

Join now

Message from the founder: "Most of us are on a super tight budget, so the basic support program is cheaper than your average gym membership, coming in at under $8 per week. If your budget stretches a bit more than that (or if someone else is paying for you) there are options for more support. All levels of membership get discounted physio, a strength and conditioning program and some financial support for international competitions, where applicable."

Basic Athlete Support Membership ($400 per year or $115 per quarter)

Premium Athlete Support Membership ($1000 per year or $270 per quarter)

Athlete Full Support Membership ($1,500 per year or $400 per quarter)

The athlete support fund comes from our profits and a small portion of your membership. This fund is used to help our athletes pay for the highest level of competition. It is possible that you may get more from this fund than you paid in membership fees!